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Focus on Pet Apparel for 24+ Years

Founded in 2000, JOJOCICI is an enterprise specializing in the design, production and sales of pet clothing.

JOJOCICI has a factory of more than 2,000 square meters and 5 production lines. There are more than 150 employees, including more than 40 core team members in design and R&D, production management, and marketing. JOJOCICI specializes in the production of dog clothing and outdoor sports. JOJOCICI pet clothing provides professional OEM and ODM services, in view of our advanced and rich production experience, so that the products are sold worldwide and highly valued. Because we constantly improve our services and help to meet the specific needs of our customers, we have many long-term stable customers. We are committed to providing products that combine style, functionality and quality.






Monthly output


Accumulated Service Customers


Scientific recycling of waste resources and innovation of healthy and environmentally friendly materials allow people to enjoy a broader outdoor living space.


To become the world's leading supplier of outdoor building materials and promote the development of the industry in a more environmentally friendly and high-performance direction.

Provide Pet Apparel Customization

JOJOCICI has a professional university design team that continuously provides the latest fashion clothing styles for dogs. We have established pet clothing research studios with universities to provide updated trend research.JOJOCICI provides exclusive customized designs for your brand, quickly turning your ideas into reality!

JOJOCICI Pet Clothing Factory

High -quality requires high -quality clothing factories. Jojocici has a 2300 -square -meter pet clothing factory and 5 production lines to customize and produce GOUG's most comfortable clothes for you.

Our Core Team of Pet Clothing Manufacturing

We are a team that loves dogs. We all come together because of the same hobby. Our common mission allows us to continue to grow in the industry.

Design team

Professional and experienced teams provide dogs with the most fitted clothing and the most personality design. We can provide you with more design ideas based on your brand personality.

Production team

We have industry -leading production equipment, mature production technology and effective production capacity. Strict production management ensures that we provide customers with stable dog costumes.

Quality inspection team

Every link we produce has strict quality inspection and control process. From the selection of fabrics to the quality control of the accessories, to the monitoring of each production node, and the delivery of the finished product, each link will be inspected and tested in detail to ensure that customers get qualified and stable products.

Sustainable Development

Committed to sustainability, we minimize our impact with eco-friendly practices. Our focus on recycled polyester (RPET) repurposes single-use plastics, offering versatile, eco-conscious fabrics. Additionally, our dedication extends to organic cotton, grown and processed without harmful chemicals. We strive to set a sustainable example, leading the industry through innovation with recycled polyester and organic cotton.Learn More
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Jojocici is a company that specializes in pet clothing, with experienced designers and production teams. Delivery to provide your pets with fashionable, comfortable, and personalized clothing to meet the needs of various pet owners. Looking forward to your cooperation and creating a new fashion of pet fashion.
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